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2014-01-11 17:15:53 by Sunraw

So I've been a very small underground rapper for a while here on Newgrounds. I submitted my first track ever here (long since deleted) and it's housed everything I've put out since then. I've decided I'm finally going to expand my reach. I've changed my name (Cut-up, remember that!) and created a new slew of Social Media accounts to go along with the new image. Here's the youtube video, in the description you guys can find the rest of my new stuff. To all my fans, and any new ones I might get from the exposure, thanks for supporting me! It means everything.


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2014-01-18 05:25:45

Keep doin' that rad shit you're doin', man. Really.

Sunraw responds:

Word. Thanks man.


2014-01-13 16:49:40

Dude this is gon' be siiiick, be awesome hearing new shit from you.

Sunraw responds:



2014-01-12 01:56:12

Woow this needed to happen
Glad you're making the move though

Sunraw responds:

Haha BOULLIE my boy. Follow me up and shit! Always lovin' your support.


2014-01-12 00:26:58

Awesome nice to hear you are finally breaking out of your shell and into the Hip-Hop world. Your music is dope as hell, and I'm digging the name change. Keep making great music bro.

Sunraw responds:

Thanks man, I got you!


2014-01-11 23:12:29

You did a very smart thing by trying to branch out to all social medias. I checked your video out. Nice flow, neat bars. Keep at it, bruh, you got yourself a supporter here.

Sunraw responds:

I appreciate the lookin man, thanks for the support. I hope you like the shit I've got in store.