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LMFAO. I fucking love you.

So good.

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Endgame33 - Who gives a FUCK? Fucking queer.

I hope you die of cancer and aids simultaneously and your funeral is open casket so your family can gaze upon your pox-covered corpse as it emanates it's fecal stench.

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Fuuuck yeah buddy. If you were to facilitate vocals on this track, I think it could really use some scooping instrumentally (I rarely say a metal track needs MORE scooping lol). Occupying the mids quite hard. The composition is a banger. Orchestral undertones are working 100% and the instrumentation is on point.

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tigger888 responds:

Thank you! I tried to scoop but I am not very proficient at mixing, I couldn't find a way of scooping it without taking out the meat of the sound while keeping crisp highs. Any advice about what specifically to cut would be appreciated!


So dope. Reverb/delay choices on the melody are immaculate. It sounds great. Would definitely sing over an instrumental like this.

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RobSoundtrack responds:

Thanks a lot Sunraw!!
Conversely, it would be awesome to have you on a vocal at some point in my life!

m a d w o r l d that pitch shift is DOPEEE.
Good tinfoil hat vibe. I have a pizza shop front. Pls no bully.
Surprised global warming didn't make it into this little banger. Little freestyle at the end there or no? Sounded like it was treading the line. The outro was sick af, really really gangster vibe. Interest how well your delivery meshed with the beat here, it didn't seem overtly fitting but it worked aurally no doubt.

5/10 n****rs, which is to say 10/10 white people.

MickeyMao responds:

thanks man. good point, what if I had addressed global warming, I wonder what I'd think about it in bar format. Glad you picked up on the freestylee vibe near the end; those were written but I was going for a more unsure delivery (if that makes sense).

hmmm... 5/10 ninjars? just one of them equals at least 16 regular people. so math... thanks for listen and ridiculous score.

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Always dig your artstyle, this is a great medium between your cartoonish style and a photorepresentation of his portrait. Looks mint.

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Dope af. Anatomy is getting cleaner too. This looks super super minty.

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NogginmenAnimations responds:

thankz bro. feet are hard

super gangster. i like it. the guy on the far left is sick as fuk


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